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At 150 N. Riverside we worked with the structural engineer, general contractor, and steel contractor during early design to develop connections of the structural steel to the concrete core walls. We established budget targets and worked with the same parties to achieve them.

A 58-story steel-framed high-rise with a concrete core, this project presented a vast amount of complexities.  While working with the structural engineer (MKA), general contractor (Clark Construction), steel contractor (Chicago Steel), and ownership (Riverside Investments) to ease the issues this project presented such as developing connections of the structural steel to the concrete core walls during early design.  Another challenge, was a five acre park next to the tower which was built two-stories high above a live railroad track.

At One Bennett Park it was a very difficult concrete frame with outrigger walls and a 3-story mass tuned damper at the top of the building. We worked with the general contractor on site set up to allow pre-cast panels to be set on the building perimeter while the concrete framing proceeded on a very aggressive pace. 

At 151 N. Franklin we started doing schematic budgets off pictures only 3 years before construction began. We were able to modify them as the design developed. We were awarded the contract and it was one of our most successful projects.

Our team is incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done, but our favorite project is always the next one.

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