We've worked on some of the most impressive buildings in Chicago and pride ourselves on being brought in to solve some of the toughest concrete challenges around. Take a look at some of our favorite projects and learn a little more about the stories behind them. 

A 58-story steel-framed high-rise with a concrete core, this project presented a vast amount of challenges. We worked with the structural engineer, MKA Engineering, general contractor, Clark Construction, steel contractor, Chicago Steel, and ownership, Riverside Investments, during early design stages to ease the issues this project presented such as developing connections of the structural steel to the concrete core walls. 


Another challenge, was steering clear of a five acre park next to the tower. The tower was also constructed two-stories high above an active railroad line, which added even more layers of complexity.


We established budget targets and worked with the same parties to achieve them.


One Bennett Park, a 70-story concrete framed high-rise, had a narrow/sleek design that brought with it many challenges. From the 3-story mass tuned damper at the top of the building to the 36”outrigger walls, this project was very challenging to frame. 

We worked with the general contractor, Lend Lease, and ownership, Related Midwest, to set up an on-site precast panel area so the precast panels and concrete framing can proceed simultaneously. This helped the project reach goals at a very aggressive pace.


Similar to 150 N. Riverside, this was our 2nd project working in conjunction with general contractor, Clark Construction, steel erector, Chicago Steel, and ownership, Riverside Investments. We're proud of the challenges we overcame as a collective group to make this project a success. 


110 N Wacker is a 54-story steel framed high-rise with a concrete core. Some innovation Goebel presented in this project was building our core form system off site and shipping to the project river by barge (To see more on this, take a look at the video below). Special thank you to Related Midwest for allowing us to use their property to construct our core form system.

We established budget targets and worked with the same parties to achieve them.


Our most recently completed project at 369 W Grand is a 41-story concrete framed high-rise.This was the first project we worked on with the Onni Group, general contractor and owner. While this project did not present as many complex issues structurally as we're used to, we faced an unprecedented challenge in the form of a pandemic. We learned to cope with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining and completing the project on a fast paced schedule.

We established budget targets and worked with the same parties to achieve them.


One of our latest projects is Union Station, a 51-story steel-framed high-rise with a concrete core. Once again we're working in conjunction with general contractor, Clark Construction, steel erector, Chicago Steel, ownership, Riverside Investments and structural engineer, MKA Engineering


With the COVID-19 pandemic on-going, this is Goebel’s sole project and we have two teams attacking this job on two fronts. One team is currently and swiftly going up with the concrete core at 2-day and/or 3-day cycles, while the other team has been completing work in the 2-story parking garage basement working up to the enormous plaza area this project presents.


At 151 N. Franklin we started doing schematic budgets off pictures only 3 years before construction began. We were able to modify them as the design developed. We were awarded the contract and it was one of our most successful projects.